Episode 150: A Student of Sound

Ryan, Matt, and guest Taylor Berrett listen to and discuss Paul Simon’s 1980 album and film “One Trick Pony”.

Ryan, Matt, and guest Taylor Berrett listen to and discuss Paul Simon’s 1980 album and film One Trick Pony.


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Taylor Berrett


10 Comments on “Episode 150: A Student of Sound”

  1. Chris Morgan #

    Not on the subject of this particular episode, which I have not gotten to yet, but you guys are going to get to some rap music this quarter, right? It’s got to happen now that it’s the 80s.


  2. sheely OTI Staff #

    Rap is definitely on the horizon, but we’re also crawling through the decade (we’ve spent a month in 1980). This quarter will probably go up through 1984-1985 (basically meeting back up with Purple Rain), so some likely candidates are Grandmaster Flash (The Message), Run DMC (Self Titled or King of Rock), and LL Cool J (Radio). Any other pre-1985 rap albums we should have on our radar?


    • Chris Morgan #

      Any of those seem like good choices. Pre-1985 keeps you in the “old school” range as opposed to the “golden age” range, so there is a little less meat on that bone. Although, Blondie’s “Rapture” did come out in 1981. If anything says “hip hop” it’s that.


  3. Coughin' Ed #

    Afrika Bambaataa with the myriad kraftwerk connections might be a fruitful thing to consider


  4. sheely OTI Staff #

    @Coughin’ Ed- Yup, Bambaataa is definitely on our list. Although the singles are from the first half of the decade, Planet Rock: The Album is actual a 1986 release (I actually had to double check that when I was first responding to Chris).


  5. Rambler #

    I’m practising my recognition of TFT tropes.

    “Dylan, Wilson, Simon… Sufjan Stevens”
    Bathetic drop?

    ( ps. thanks to google’s great “did you mean” utility I think I spelled his name correctly, if this was a few years earlier I would have just written EffeteJon SquarePants )


    • Matthew Wrather OTI Staff #

      Oh come on. I like Sufjan Stevens. Or, rather, I like “Illinoise.”


      • Rambler #

        I promise not to respect you any less for it.


  6. Chris Morgan #

    It’s funny that you mentioned Woody Allen vis a vis Paul Simon, considering that Simon is in Annie Hall. Also, Simon plays a sort of lothario in that movie, which certainly plays against you assessment of him in terms of “sexiness.” I think he’s quite good in the movie, too. When I first saw it, I did not recognize him, and wondered to myself who that actor with the odd energy was. Turns out, it was noted singer-songwriter-SNL host Paul Simon.


  7. Dan Alt #

    Safe to assume that the Talking Heads’ “And She Was” is Taylor’s least favorite song of all time?


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