Episode 349: The Best, Illest Quotes

The Overthinkers tackle Kanye West at Oxford, Guy Fieri in the Grocery Store, and Harrison Ford at the controls of a plane.

otip-logo-podcastonePeter Fenzel, Mark Lee, John Perich and Matthew Wrather overthink Kanye West at Oxford, Guy Fieri in the Grocery Store, and Harrison Ford at the controls of a plane.


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7 Comments on “Episode 349: The Best, Illest Quotes”

  1. Howard Member #

    Well actually, Kimmy Schmidt was initially produced for NBC, so it probably did go through the pilot season nonsense, and indeed the pilot wasn’t a very strong episode. NBC was nervous about airing it and Netflix swooped in to buy it and order a second season (it hit too many items on Kenneth’s no-no list).

    Also, Wrather, didn’t you promise Overviews for the Fast and the Furious series? I didn’t realize Furious 7 was so close, but you gotta get on that if you’re going to successfully call your shot!


    • Howard Member #

      Eh, looking at this again, it’s getting uncomfortably close to “George RR Martin is not your bitch” territory. To be clear, I would be thrilled if you guys recorded the Overviews and would definitely purchase them, but I of course understand that you are busy and are under no obligation to do this.


        • fenzel OTI Staff #

          If only we had some sort of role model for doing things more quickly and with a greater degree of intensity than normal!


  2. fenzel OTI Staff #

    My sister Meg sent me this, and it was too good not to share:

    Harrison and Calista have a blowout fight. He storms out of the house, jumps in his car, and speeds to the hangar, all the way yelling and grumbling in the air at his wife, who is at home, sadly nursing a glass of chardonnay in the living room. He jumps in his plane and takes off, the adrenaline fueling his rage. “I’ll show her, I’ll show her!” he grumbles as he pushes the tiny plane higher and higher. Suddenly, the pressure is off, and he loses control, spewing curses at Calista as he nose dives into the golf course, narrowly missing two doctors playing golf with Tommy Lee Jones. “I didn’t kill my wife!” he yells at them. Seeing that he’s alone, Tommy responds, “I don’t care! …but are you ok, Harrison?”


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