Episode 142: Excellence in Navigation

Matt and Ryan listen to and discuss Ariana Grande’s “My Everything.”

Matt and Ryan listen to and discuss Ariana Grande’s My Everything.


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4 Comments on “Episode 142: Excellence in Navigation”

  1. cat #

    Ah. See, I always listen to the Deluxe versions if I have the choice. I want to have the most complete picture I can… though I always skip intros for books because those people can’t help but spoil the endings.

    I am terrible at identifying and distinguishing between genres but I will say that Ariana Grande’s sound became much more pop between her first and second albums.

    I have to admit I like and listen to My Everything much more than Pure Heroine (though the latter is probably due to how I’ve arranged my playlists on Spotify).

    I’ve never heard Ariana Grande described as unknowable in that way. If anything she has a somewhat iconic ponytail and large, sad eyes. I wonder, Matt, if your inability to recall her image has more to do with a discomfort with looking at her in the first place. The phrases I’ve seen most often are “Lolita” and “sexy baby.”


  2. cat #

    If it’s ridiculous to imagine Ariana Grande curating the soundtrack for The Hunger Games what is not ridiculous to imagine her curating? I wouldn’t discount her claim to a certain kind of authenticity.

    Problem = You’ve Really Got a Hold On Me


    • Josie M. #

      I could see her curating the soundtrack to a romantic comedy, maybe. Whether she’d also be acting in it is another question.

      I could also see her co-writing a musical in like 20 years.


  3. Josie M. #

    I think that hard-to-pin-down quality, that sense of exquisitely crafted and designed genericness, is part of what I was trying to get at when I highlighted her Boca Raton preppy upbringing?

    She’s like the musical equivalent of a beautifully decorated model tract house in a bubble-era subdivision.


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