Episode 135: District 13 is Not All About That Bass

Ryan and Matt listen to and discuss the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1,” curated by Lorde.

Ryan and Matt listen to and discuss the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1, curated by Lorde.


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6 Comments on “Episode 135: District 13 is Not All About That Bass”

  1. Julia Mathias #

    Hating you guys so, so much right know for the spoilers! This has been a music podcast for so long now that I completely forgot that you liked to spoil things. Humft!


    • sheely OTI Staff #

      I’m sorry, Julia! I will say that how those things happens is more important and interesting than the surprise of the plot points, but I do feel bad for the spoiler sneak attack.


      • Julia Mathias #

        I think I was partly mad at myself for forgetting that you always spoiled stuff. Especially after I had already listened to the OTI podcast a few days earlier and thought “they would’ve definitely spoiled that on tft”. But’s it’s okay, I spent most of this movie thinking that something similar to that would happen.


  2. Chris Morgan #

    Yeah, as somebody who almost always is a year behind on movies, I’m glad I have no interest in these Hunger Games. When you spoiled it, I didn’t even have enough knowledge of the plot to be spoiled. Also, I used to listen to the Godzilla soundtrack back in the day. Puff Daddy. Foo Fighters. Green Day. Good times. Movie soundtracks can be pretty strange logistically.


    • cat #

      I don’t care much about spoilers unless it’s something I want to form my own opinion on (mainly animated movies) in which case I’ll withdraw from discussions until I’ve seen it. I get around to things super late and I’m a fan of old movies so it would be far too exhausting to get upset every time something got spoiled. I’m more likely to stay away from opinions and reviews than something that would ruin plot points or cameos. That said, I still remember you guys ruining the end of The House of Mirth for me.


  3. cat #

    Are mopey electropop and dystopian YA novels both picking up on something in the culture or are they working to create the culture? Honestly, the soundtrack didn’t make a big impression on me other than Yellow Flicker Beat.


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