Episode 331: Ecce Homo: Paul Walker Floats in Slow Motion

The overthinkers tackle the Furious 7 trailer, and compare the instrumental value of the careers of Paul Walker and Eric Roberts.

Peter Fenzel and Matthew Wrather overthink the Furious 7 trailer, and compare the instrumental value of the careers of Paul Walker and Eric Roberts.


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7 Comments on “Episode 331: Ecce Homo: Paul Walker Floats in Slow Motion”

  1. Connor Moran #

    I’m curious to hear everyone’s nominations for the quintessential “Actor Who Works”. I propose Max Von Sydow, a man who stared in The Seventh Seal and other works by Ingmar Bergman which have a status in our culture as iconic fancy depressing European films (the fact that these actual films are quite funny and humane is a different and also interesting way of illustrating the falseness of our high/low art dichotomy). Yet he is also the face of literal pulps–with mem


    • Connor Moran #

      -able appearances in Flash Gordon, Conan the Barbarian and in our own century Solomon Kane (comparing and contrasting The Knight from Seventh Seal with the film version of Solomon Kane–who is also a returned soldier under a prophesy of doom–is an exercise for the reader). He also lends his voice to the video game Skyrim, though I feel like the actors with gravitas in video games is a separate trope. Somewhere in the middle prestige-wise, he also was in Minority Report.

      Other nominees?

      (Apologies for the split post–I misclicked)


      • Adrian #

        Max Von Sydow did “Strange Brew”, so he is DEFINITELY a good candidate.


    • PotatoKnight #

      Oh, and I meant to say that he “starred” in The Seventh Seal, though it is also 100% true that he “stared” in it.


  2. Jez #

    Well actually, Borgia on Netflix isn’t a ripoff of the Showtime series, it just has the same historical subject matter and was produced at the same time, but it was produced in Europe. It’s an easily superior series to the Showtime one, at the very least it’s more historically accurate. It’s also quirky in that one of the only two American actors (among all the European actors all speaking English) plays the Pope, without even an especially prestigious American accent (he sounds like someone’s grandpa), and the Pope character is completely nude on screen for at least 50% of the show. In fact all the cardinals were introduced on the show completely nude. Also it’s filled with noticeably non-Hollywood violence, in that it’s non-glorifying and unusually gut-wrenching/heartbreaking.


  3. phizzled #

    I just want to know: does every film in the furious series include the larger furyverse (i.e. vin diesel’s riddick films)?


  4. Derdrom #

    Your country song about redbox-based sadness must be titled “Redbox Made Me Blue”.


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