Turn Down for Hutt

Fire up the barge, another round of shots!

Longtime readers know that I am a fan of rhyme-inspired mashup videos, so this was only a matter of time. Special thanks to Mark Lee for the crunk.

Actually, I’m surprised no one on the internet has already edited this. Jabba and hip hop* are a natural fit since Jabba is the most hardcore gangsta in the galaxy. He’s got a massive smuggling empire, he lives in a palace where there’s a constant dance party going on, he’s got many attractive women hanging around in various states of undress/servitude, and he enjoys nothing more than freezing his enemies in carbonite or feeding them to his pet rancor. He even owns a freaking yacht. The only thing that is keeping him from a successful rap career is that he talks… very… slowly. He would need Bib Fortuna and Salacious B. Crumb to take most of the verses.

Editing this scene reminded me yet again that I hate the Special Editions. I hate the CGI singers in Jabba’s band and I hate the dumb new song which replaced the old funky disco song. And I hate it even more now that I Googled it and learned that it’s called “Jedi Rocks.”

* Although I’m not sure “hip hop” is an accurate description of “Turn Down for What.” I originally wrote “Jabba and rap are a natural fit,” but there’s no real rapping going on. Wikipedia describes the song’s genre as “Trap.” And considering this is a Return of the Jedi-themed post it is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO RESIST posting a picture of Admiral Ackbar here.

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