TV Recap: 24: Live Another Day, 9 p.m.-10 p.m.

“This recap has gotten complicated. Some things are going to happen. And I just don’t want you to hate me forever.” – Jack Bauer

The discovery of a conspiracy and a mole within their ranks sends Ryan and Pete deeper than they had hoped or feared — all the to the Overthinking It Torture Room. Will they break the subject in time? Or will they merely break through a glass door and roll around on the ground in their suit jackets with Baron von Moustache?


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Show notes

Boudreau and Bauer, symmetrical hairstyles

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2 Comments on “TV Recap: 24: Live Another Day, 9 p.m.-10 p.m.”

  1. Jamas Enright #

    (Psst, the direct download link is misnamed.)

    I was rather disappointed by the reveal that the Russians were working with Chang. It just smacked of “we’ve only got one episode in which to wrap this up, so let’s have this random event actually be connected!” One of the most disappointing reveals in the entire series.

    (I’m not saying they couldn’t have had it be connected, just that the reveal was so cheap when in a full 24 episodes, this would have been more subtly made.)


    • Ben Adams OTI Staff #

      I had exactly the same reaction – the Russian plot revolved around Jack, not the device or Margot or the Chinese. It seemed very cheap to have them be connected.

      The only real way it makes sense is if the Russians somehow knew that Jack was going to get involved. Which, given the universe of 24 so far, is not entirely unreasonable – a fundamental principle of the 24iverse is that any time there’s a terrorist attack, Jack Bauer will be right there in the middle of everything. Maybe the Russians have weaponized the dramatic medium they inhabit – they know that if they want to catch Jack Bauer, all they have to do is cook up some crazy scheme involving the Chinese and terrorists, and, like the tide, Jack Bauer will be involved.


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