Episode 112: The Novelty Industrial Complex

Ryan and Matt listen to and discuss Chromeo’s “White Women.”

Ryan and Matt listen to and discuss Chromeo’s White Women.


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Playlist: White Women


Alternative Titles

  • Brought to You by Johnny Appleseed Hard Cider
  • The Novelty Wears Off
  • There is Just More Conversation
  • Standing on the Shoulders of Appropriating Giants
  • It’s all Novelty Music
  • An Archipelago of Artistic Achievement in An Ocean of Novelty
  • Canaries in the Cool Mine
  • Discursive EZ-Pass
  • Get Into Jail Free Card
  • I am the one who “Shots”
  • My Fair Sexy Socialite
  • Pygmalion Complex

2 Comments on “Episode 112: The Novelty Industrial Complex”

  1. Chris Morgan #

    I felt like Weird Al was apt because he is both the music of youth and also a man who makes his living by and large by parodying the music of youth, even as what the kids are into has changed a million times over since his first album, I believe, 30 years ago. However, I do feel like even in the brief bit of discussion he got, and in the overall discussion of novelty music, you made enough interesting points to mollify me.

    If I may be gauche for a moment, if folks are interested in some Weird Al coverage, I have written a series of essays about everyone of his albums: http://blindedbysound.com/features/the-weird-al-chronicles/

    It isn’t necessarily in the “Overthinking It” vein, but on the other hand it is thousands of words written about the guy who wrote “Eat It.” And rest assured there will be a new essay once Mandatory Fun drops.

    I don’t have anything to say about Chromeo.


    • Chris Morgan #

      Also, it is probably worth mentioning that in terms of songs for Weird Al’s new album, the only real report of any note involves Yankovic asking Iggy Azalea for her permission to do one of her songs.


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