TV Recap: Game of Thrones, Season 4, Episode 10, “The Children”

The Overthinkers give collective birth to something they will never truly understand or control, a recap of Game of Thrones, Season 4, Episode 10, “The Children.”

Ben, Ryan, Matt and Pete bring the season of Game of Thrones recaps to a close, by, as everyone had long joked but no one had quite believed until this moment, actually shitting gold.

They also fret that their stockpile of prewritten 2Chainz jokes is rapidly dwindling due to the relentless pace of TV Recap production and respond to viewer demand that they need to put aside other projects and write additional 2Chainz jokes as quickly as possible.


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4 Comments on “TV Recap: Game of Thrones, Season 4, Episode 10, “The Children””

  1. Adrian #

    Even if Drogon isn’t officially the biggest dragon in the show, he will be by the time he gets back, since the two that are chained underground won’t be growing in the meantime.

    ABSOLUTELY got a “put on the glasses” vibe from the Brienne/Hound fight. I think I actually said “They Live!” out loud while I was watching. Also very “True Romance,” given the savagery, use of found objects, and gender dynamic.

    The most interesting thing about the show to me now is the degree to which all the timelines have become out of sync. Arya just got on a boat so she is on schedule, same with the Lannister siblings. Brienne is a fair amount ahead however, as are Daenerys and Sansa. John is actually BEHIND schedule, there are one or two pretty important things that were supposed to happen to him that haven’t yet. And as for Bran, he has actually run out of published material with two books still left to adapt.

    That’s fine in terms of his story’s relation to all the others, since it really doesn’t have any, but I’m just wondering what they’re going to do with him for the next season or two. GRRM has given the showrunners broad strokes of where the series is going, so I wonder if his story is the first place we are going to see the show overtake the novels. Or else he’s just going to be absent for a couple years and then suddenly show up as Superwarg Beastmaster. It could go either way.


  2. mezdef #

    POSSIBLE SPOILERS BELOW (but I don’t think so really)

    My guess is that they could use Bran as something of a narrator or a narrative unifier if they don’t want to advance his story in any significant way.


    • Adrian #

      That’s…a pretty good idea.


  3. Grim_ungainly #



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