Episode 110: Keep Austin Normal

Matt and Ryan talk about Austin, normal vs. #normcore, and Real Country Music.

TFT Podcast LogoMatt and Ryan talk about authenticity, the personality of cities, and Real Country Music.


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2 Comments on “Episode 110: Keep Austin Normal”

  1. Amanda #

    If I remember correctly, you guys did the Infrastructure of Identity ep the week I got married (meaning, made my move to the US definitive) and now this comes out just days before I move to Texas, though sadly not Austin. I feel comforted by the fact that TFT is always already following me through life changes and stuff.
    Also, I made a little collage for this week’s ep’s post on the blog, check it out: http://thesefuckingteenagers.tumblr.com/


    • sheely OTI Staff #

      Amazing that we keep anticipating what is happening in your life.

      Where in Texas are you moving? Once you get there and settle in, I’ll be interested in hearing if it is more like All Hail West Texas, Friday Night Lights, or “Normcore Austin”.

      I like the graphic! Pretty fun stuff.


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