TV Recap: Mad Men, Season 7

When the Starks are away, the Drapers will play — the Overthinkers bring you a special Memorial Day Weekend Mad Men recap!

Game of Thrones has the week off, so Shana, John and Pete recap the recent half-season of Mad Men, from the nip “snip” to the moon landing, from Bob Benson to Burger Chef, from LA to New York and everywhere in between:


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One Comment on “TV Recap: Mad Men, Season 7”

  1. mezdef #

    If I were to play the prediction game, I’d be more interested in thematic predictions than actual events.

    I get the feeling that the final half-season will find a lot of our favourite characters back on the ladder. Much in the same way game of thrones is all about the climb, mad men is also to some degree about the climb and what happens when you perpetually arrive only to have the destination shift. In game of thrones your either climbing or falling, but in Mad Men you just seem to be always climbing, but instead of advancing towards a destination, the ladder moves under you while you stay in the same spot.

    I also get the feeling that Don’s only real pitch for this season will come back to bite him when he finds all he’s given is ‘the work’ and it’s not really doing it for him anymore when he doesn’t have the agency (surrogate family) acceptance as a goal. That being said, he might be just as ‘happy’ to get on that new ladder and start climbing.

    I do hope OTI has the bandwidth to do a deserving special for the last few episodes of next season much like The Shield and Lost received (as well as Breaking Bad in the form of recaps). It’s certainly lost some of it’s ratings sheen, but it’s still amazingly rich, and I have confidence that the show will stick an interesting landing for the end, even if it’s not a massive crowd pleaser.


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