Episode 305: Destroying Star Wars In Order To Save It

The Overthinkers tackle Star Wars: Episode VII and what makes a good sequel.

Peter Fenzel, Mark Lee, and Matt Wrather overthink their thoughts about what little we know of Star Wars: Episode VII, and talk about good fans make bad sequels.


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12 Comments on “Episode 305: Destroying Star Wars In Order To Save It”

  1. David Jay #

    Overthinkingit.com hates spider-people.


  2. Adrian #

    We more or less had a Sith Faye Dunaway when she played the villainous sorceress in 1984’s “Supergirl.” You also get a slumming and probably drunk Peter O’Toole as a quasi-Obi Wan figure in a bangin’ Cosby sweater.

    It’s not very good.


  3. Sylvia #

    Yes, Ralph Garman was in Sharktopus. Sharktopus kills him.


    • fenzel OTI Staff #

      Thank you! I thought I remembered that! IMDB, you have erased part of film history! A glorious part!


  4. Ben Adams OTI Staff #

    Throughout the podcast, I was thinking a lot about start-up culture, and the difference between getting a single company to succeed and making companies that succeed consistently. One of the biggest problems with replicating something like Star Wars is simple regression to the mean – as you say on the podcast, something like Star Wars or Robocop works not just becuase there’s something about the franchise that worked, but becuase a certain “just right” combination of people came together and made something that was “just right” for a particular time period.

    And the act of creating that “just right” thing can change the landscape in a way that makes repetition all but impossible – if Mark Zuckerberg tried to make a new company, it might work, it might not, but no one would expect that the new company would replicate Facebook’s success (or ditto to any other startup/CEO).


  5. Redem #

    Watching Amazing Spider-man 2 I got this overthinking it type question

    Spider-man uses the Spider-man cartoon show theme song as his ringtone

    What is this song about in the Amazing Spider-man world?


  6. Crystal #

    Matt, as a fellow SoCal native, I would expect you to remember the name Ralph Garman. He’s been part of a popular morning radio show for 15 odd years.


    • JARS #

      Also you should hear him on his podcast with Kevin Smith, always funny.


  7. JARS #

    Lando should be a no-brainer for the new movie, Billy Dee Williams just made an episode of glee (s05e19).


  8. MEGR #

    I really thought this podcast would be about how Disney has eliminated the Star Wars EU as canon. Talk about a misleading title.


  9. Timothy J Swann #

    MEGR – I also thought that, I have thoughts but they aren’t overthinking or thinking they’re just rage and sorrow.

    Lando is going to be in the television series Rebels, and played by Billy Dee.


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