Overthinking Eurovision 2014: Poland

Can slow-motion heaving breasts unite the Balkans?

When a Eurovision entry gets over 40 million views on YouTube, I would think that’s a promising sign. That’s actually greater than the population of Poland itself! However, bookies are currently giving it dismal 100 to 1 odds of victory, so go figure. It just goes to show what a fascination transnational mystery Eurovision can be.

In any case, this one is kind of catchy, and kind of exploitative. I’m not buying the whole “this is satire” thing. This is gratuitous cleavage for the sake of gratuitous cleavage, with a tiny fig leaf of satire.

5 Comments on “Overthinking Eurovision 2014: Poland”

  1. cat #

    1. Ukraine 2. Poland 3. Latvia 4. France 5. Belarus 6. Armenia 7. Russia

    I was torn between placing this at 2 or 3 in my current rankings because Cake to Bake is so adorable and this song is terribly repetitive but I couldn’t resist the crazy. This is what I want from my Eurovision entries if I can’t get songs that are actually good.


  2. mim #

    Poland is nowhere near the balkans, as can be seen clearly on the map. It even has its coast on an entirely diferent sea.


    • Matthew Belinkie OTI Staff #

      This is true. I’m definitely falling for the song’s conceit and lumping all of Eastern Europe together into one slavic mass.


  3. lil #

    I like it. Its funny :)


  4. Green #

    If you are trying to explain something, get your facts straight!! Romania is NOT Slavic!!!!


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