Overthinking Eurovision 2014: Belarus

Lee savagely reviews “Cheesecake” by Belarus, which is a pretty good sign that this song is destined for success.

What do cheesy latin sounds, a “Blurred Lines” ripoff, and a blow job all have in common? Belarus’s terrible entry into Eurovision 2014. In this video, I give this song a Great American Ass-Whuppin’, which is a sure sign that it’ll go on to great success in this year’s competition.

If you really must, watch the original music video for “Cheesecake” by Teo from Belarus here.

4 Comments on “Overthinking Eurovision 2014: Belarus”

  1. cat #

    1. Ukraine 2. Latvia 3. Belarus 4. Armenia 5. Russia


  2. Matthew #

    This is probably one of the 3 or 4 worst videos/songs I’ve seen from Eurovision this year. I really hope you review FYRM’s entry, “To The Sky”, because it presents an *actual* exploitation of the male body, ha, and it’s pretty hot. Plus the female singer has some awesome Rachel Maddow glasses and definitely plays around with masc/fem gender roles. It’s basically the polar opposite of this schmuck-fest.


  3. Nat #

    But don’t we all love Belarus? This song will probably do much better than it has any right to, as you said. I particularly enjoyed the use of random musical instruments in the video to mkae it look like this is actual music.


  4. Jit #

    I sure hope more reviews are coming up!


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