TV Recap: Community Season 5 Episode 13

The Overthinkers recap the Community’s Season 5 Finale, “Basic Sandwich.”

Ryan and Matt recap Community Season 5 Episode 13, “Basic Sandwich.”


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One Comment on “TV Recap: Community Season 5 Episode 13”

  1. Toni #

    So I just saw this tweet where Harmon explains that the school board represents Sony. So let’s unpack this a little bit. School Board (Sony) is trying to sell Greendale (Community) to Subway (Hulu/Netflix?) now that it’s finally worth something (almost reached 100 episodes so it can be syndicated).

    Then there’s the original dean of Greendale (Dan Harmon) who looks like a homeless person, doesn’t shower even though he could, doesn’t like internet comments and has a contract that says that he has “privilege of consultation on all future scholastic endeavours” (pretty much what it said on Harmon’s contract).

    Then he scares Subway away by saying this: “I guess we’re gonna be partners. I understand there’s some internet where I can make my inner thoughts public.” So has Harmon scared away Hulu/Netflix with his online rants? Or is it just that Community was saved by bringing back it’s creator?

    Also I’m thinking that maybe the computer in the basement is the audience that reacts to Jeff and Annie shipping?


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