Overthinking Eurovision 2014: Armenia

Her heart is about to get crushed, literally.

Some of you have noticed that at our stately pace, we’re probably not going to cover all 37 Eurovision entries. So I decided to make sure we at least got to the likely winner, Armenia. I don’t have any great love for the song, but I do kind of like Aram MP3. He’s a comedian and variety show host, and the best I can tell he’s only recently decided to reinvent himself as a mainstream (in Armenia, at least) singer. I’ve always had a soft spot for funny guys who make people treat them seriously (shout out to Louis CK, who will someday win an Oscar).

5 Comments on “Overthinking Eurovision 2014: Armenia”

  1. Chris Morgan #

    Maybe that guy didn’t have any steering fluid in his car. That makes it really hard to turn the wheel.


  2. cat #

    Sleepy and boring until the pointless breakdown. 1. Ukraine 2. Latvia 3. Armenia 4. Russia


  3. Nat #

    If you’re not going to do all the song, please at least comment on Iceland, Austria and France for their extreme gimmicks.

    And while the snare drum did well last year, several songs had dub step breakdowns and none of them won. I’m still holding out for a better winner.


    • Matthew Belinkie OTI Staff #

      I’ve heard a few requests for Iceland, Austria, and France. Might have to take that under advisement.

      I also want to hit Poland, which has basically rewritten “California Girls” for Eastern Europe.


  4. hedgesNquills #

    If you aren’t going to cover all of the entries ahead of time, I really hope you do an Overview of the final competition and/or semi-finals. It just won’t be Eurovision without all of your wonderful snark.


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