TV Recap: Community, Season 5 Episode 7

The Overthinkers recap Community, Season 5 Episode 7: “Bondage and Beta Male Sexuality.”

Mark and Matt recap Community, Season 5 Episode 7: “Bondage and Beta Male Sexuality.”


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One Comment on “TV Recap: Community, Season 5 Episode 7”

  1. mezdef #

    We are all ghosts in the machine machine of the Internet!

    I was curious about Abed’s ‘malfunction’ where he accidentally all the dog sketches (

    The A.V. club recap chalked it up to poor writing, or at least ill considered. I’d like to question if this wasn’t a dig at the previous work of S4’s ‘gas leak’ season. What Abed did and DH did are really quite similar: papering over/destroying the old to start the creation of new, better content. Abed, in the ‘old’ KickPuncher costume destroys the repudiative cynical dog cartoons (‘practice sketches’ no less), birthing a new collaboration between the guy who knows all the genre tropes, and the guy who can add ‘substance’. I wonder if any new staff were brought on to Community this season that could be the ‘substance’.


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