Episode 93: The Endogenous Dynamics of Beatlemania

Ryan and Matt celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Beatles arrival in the USA with a discussion of “With The Beatles” and “A Hard Day’s Night.”

TFT Logo 2013Ryan and Matt celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Beatles appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show by listening to and discussing With the Beatles and A Hard Day’s Night, and considering the confluence of factors that lead to Beatlemania and These Screaming Teenagers.


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One Comment on “Episode 93: The Endogenous Dynamics of Beatlemania”

  1. Chris Morgan #

    I, too, did a lot of my early Beatles listening via the red and blue albums, which are, as far as I know, generally called that. However, I preferred to listen to the earlier one, and I still do, because that is just the kind of music I like more, as perhaps my affinity for Bleached and Dum Dum Girls indicates. Well, at least the first two Dum Dum Girls albums. The new one takes a different direction, and I am still ruminating on it. When I saw the album cover, I was worried they’d gone from Exile in Guyville to Funstyle, and I am not entirely sure that hasn’t happened to some degree. This is a story for another day, however, especially if you end up covering it on the podcast.

    The one thing that struck me when listening to the podcast was the mention of the fact that Ringo has zero songs on A Hard Day’s Night. This stands in opposition to the film, where he is kind of the main character. I suppose that owes to his comedic/acting abilities, of course, while his musical chops were not thought of as highly by the other guys, I guess. I mean, Paul did all the drums on their last album for a reason.

    I’d be very much interested in a Beach Boys podcast. Sometimes I feel like I may actually prefer the Beach Boys to The Beatles, but I’d have to really dig into both discographies to be sure.


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