TV Recap: Community Season 5 Episode 5

Ryan and Matt recap Community, Season 5 episode 5, “Geothermal Escapism.”

Ryan and Matt recap Community, Season 5 episode 5, “Geothermal Escapism.”

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7 Comments on “TV Recap: Community Season 5 Episode 5”

  1. Mark Lee OTI Staff #

    Great episode, and great recap.

    Can we speculate a bit as to what will happen to Abed? In the second part of the season premiere, the show seemed to hint at an Abed-Shirley pairing, but we haven’t really seen signs of it since then.

    Shirley clearly won’t be an enabler/accomplice of Abed in the same way that Troy was. I don’t see a mother-son dynamic with the two of them, either. In short, I have no idea where this will go, but I’m very curious to watch it play out.


    • BruceWayneBrady #

      I’m guessing that Abed uses his imagination to help Shirley with her business in some way. Maybe his pop culture knowledge leads him to take run things like a mob boss or tycoon, and he becomes infatuated with operations.

      He could reprise his Batman impersonation and treat Shirley’s Sandwiches as his Wayne Enterprises.


      • Andy #

        It’s true that they’ve already done a mob movie, but it’s certainly possible that Abed could go all Gordon Gekko with Shirley’s Sandwiches. We already know that Shirley is prone to overextending her business.

        Personally I think Abed will revert to his more reserved season one persona for a while, the outsider looking in, but probably with rising tension. I’d bet it will come to a head with another theme episode.


  2. BruceWayneBrady #

    I noticed a Star Wars reference when Jeff and Annie used the roller chairs to bring down the “chair walkers,” AT-AT style.

    Also, I kept thinking of Good Will Hunting when Abed realized that he needed to let go of Troy. I’m really enjoying this season and the recaps on OTI!


  3. cat #

    Aw, this episode was so perfect. It really truly felt like Community again. For me that sense of authenticity has nothing to do with the structure of the episode and everything to do with the writing. It managed to be surprising and honest and heartfelt without being too sentimental. Or maybe it was but it still worked. It was just that one step above the last episode.


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