Overthinking It Popfixers, Episode 5, “The Wet Bandits”

In this very special holiday episode, the Popfixers make plans to rob a fancy house in the Illinois suburbs, but 8-year-old Kevin McCalester, left “Home Alone,” stands in their way…

PopfixersIt’s Christmastime, and you know what that means! Time to rob valuables from a McMansion guarded by an 8-year-old boy! Matthew Wrather and Mark Lee take a flying leap at “Wet Banditry,” suggesting the best strategies for absconding with valuables when the last guardian, left “Home Alone,” has an unlimited penchant for violence.

Hosted by Pete Fenzel.

Audio version

Seriously, there’s going to be an audio version soon! Don’t give up, people!

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But does he have a plan against agility?

But does he have a plan against agility?

6 Comments on “Overthinking It Popfixers, Episode 5, “The Wet Bandits””

  1. Hedges&Quills #

    These are so much fun! I hope you do more of them.

    Also, you might find an easier way to sort your options for X Solutions to Y Problems is to enter =RAND() into each row of one column in your spreadsheet. This will generate random numbers, and change those random numbers each time you sort the table by that column.


    • Seminymous Coward #

      I’m pretty sure it’s an affectation. Random.org has a list randomizer that covers the task quite easily featured prominently in its menu.


  2. Mark #

    For the ‘Die Hard’ solution to the “wet banditry” problem, I’ve got 3 words for you: Shoot the glass!


  3. Chris Morgan #

    Well actually, I believe their last name is spelled McCallister.


  4. Evan Parker #

    Another update, but still I wait for a podcast feed.


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