Episode 284: Forging Correctness in the Iron Crucible of Condescension

The Overthinkers tackle two related musical works: The Sound Of Music live telecast and Rebecca Black’s “Saturday.”

Peter Fenzel, Mark Lee, and Matthew Wrather overthink two related musical works: The Sound Of Music live telecast and Rebecca Black’s “Saturday.”


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  • Days of the Week Are Reasons for Celebration
  • I Usually say Correlation Does Not Equal Causation, But in This Case I’ll Make an Exception
  • De-Mileying
  • Sound Off in The Comments If You Think Matt’s a Winner
  • It Is True of The Supreme Fiction That It Must Change
  • The “We” in Friday is Construted to Include the Listener
  • Structure vs. Agency and Rebecca Black
  • Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Solo Cups, Can’t Lose
  • Speaking of A Lot Of White People Singing
  • Took My Key Into The Side of Their Panzer Division Riding Through The Alps
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12 Comments on “Episode 284: Forging Correctness in the Iron Crucible of Condescension”

  1. fenzel OTI Staff #

    Matt Wrather is a winner in my book!!


  2. Nicholas Nutter #

    Another alternate title could be “A Pawn Of Big YouTube”.

    Also, Matt Wrather is a winner in my book!! (Especially for the segue “Speaking of a bunch of white people singing…”)


  3. -F #

    When you said she was made to look like Lordi, I couldn’t help thinking of something really different.

    Also, Matt Wrather is a winner in my book!


      • -F #


        Since I hadn’t seen the video before hearing the podcast, I got some really weird expectations. Imagine my disappointment.


  4. Chris Morgan #

    I said on the Twitter that although I had never listened to “Friday” and wouldn’t listen to “Saturday,” I was glad it existed because it meant Rebecca Black’s spirit hadn’t been broken. But your podcast made it seem like she is just a cog in a machine, and now I am sad again. Then I started comparing Black to Bruce Springsteen and said that “Thursday” would be on an American Recordings produced by Rick Rubin Jr. and none of us would live to see it. So, basically, I got into the same area of thought you guys did.

    Matt Wrather covers the point spread in my book!


  5. Devonin #

    Best youtube comment on the video for Saturday:

    Rebecca “I’m trying to get Friday out of my head.”


  6. Mark Lee OTI Staff #

    Apparently NBC considers the Sound of Music Live! a resounding success and is planning another live musical for next year:


    NBC’s criteria: must be family-friendly Broadway classic with a lot of familiar songs.

    Any predictions? The Music Man? Oklahoma? I assume all of the Disney stuff is off-limits…but will ABC get in on the action?


    • fenzel OTI Staff #

      Hello Dolly! starring Lady Gaga. Slam dunk.


      • fenzel OTI Staff #

        Since that idea is too awesome for this world, here’s an idea a little outside the box, since it isn’t nominally a stage musical — Singin’ in the Rain.


  7. cat #

    I waited until Christmas to watch The Sound of Music and this episode of the podcast. The musical was not as bad as I expected it to be. Carrie Underwood was a little shouty and the acting wasn’t great but it was fine and it seemed like she had really been rehearsing and putting in the effort. The sets weren’t that bad and I laughed when the house transitioned into the abbey. One of the biggest issues was the set that served as the outdoor scenes. That one was just a bit embarrassing. I generally enjoyed the singing aside from Liesl and the shouting. It was a bit difficult to get through it all without an emotional connection to the story. Anyway, you know what didn’t disappoint? This episode of the podcast.


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