Overthinking It Popfixers, Episode 3, “Gremlins!”

Water makes them multiply. Eating after midnight makes them homicidal. In this week’s Halloween episode of Popfixers, the Overthinkers make them extinct.

PopfixersJoin Ben Adams, John Perich, and special guest, D.C. consultant Jackie Bello, for the 2013 Halloween episode of Overthinking It Popfixers, where they present their competing visions for how a small town should deal with Gizmo the Mogwai and an infestation of Gremlins!

Hosted by Pete Fenzel, in costume.

Also, for those interested, here’s more about the Cobra Effect.

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These people are scaaaaary!

These fixers are scaaaaary!

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  1. Andrew B #

    Aw, man. I missed it. Gotta be on the ball next time. In it to win it. In it to win it.


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