Episode 79: Hip Hop Ouroboros

Ryan and Matt listen to the work of “Tumblr-core” rapper Kitty.

TFT Logo 2013Ryan and Matt consider “Tumblr-core” rapper Kitty (formerly Kitty Pryde).


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4 Comments on “Episode 79: Hip Hop Ouroboros”

  1. Josie FM (Formerly Joseph) #

    I am on a road trip right now, listening to the podcast through my my car speakers, but I have a ton of things to say about the points in this episode – as a heavy Tumblr user, as someone who worked with teenagers, as a Millennial, as a Floridian, etc. Leaving this as a placeholder to comment more later.


    • cat #

      Hi Josie and everyone else,

      I opened a new thread on the forum for this episode.


      • JosieFM #

        Thanks. Sorry I haven’t gotten around to it yet. The road trip ended up lasting longer than expected. I think I need to listen again and take notes to really express all of my thoughts.


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