Episode 277: So You Think You Can Terminate

The Overthinkers tackle Terminator the Second, a retelling of Terminator 2 using only lines from Shakespeare.

Peter Fenzel, Mark Lee, and Matthew Wrather are joined by special guest Marshall Weber, the creator of Terminator the Second, a retelling of Terminator 2 using only lines from Shakespeare.


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8 Comments on “Episode 277: So You Think You Can Terminate”

  1. Chris Morgan #

    My podcast recorded an episode about Terminator 2 this week. What are the odds? Considering how often you guys talk about it, especially Mark, pretty good, probably.

    I never saw Boy Meets World, but once at a party a guy kept calling me Topanga apropos of nothing. Then he tried to stab me. Good times.

    Anyway, this Terminator/Shakespeare mashup seems pretty awesome, even independent of the quality of its content. Just as an undertaking it is impressive.


  2. MomentEye #

    When the discussion turned to Terminators and Fathers I had an image of John Conner’s real dad being (emotionally) unavailable due to time and space and society. So he sent a hardened unfeeling tough guy robot to stand in his place.

    And then I was a little sad.


  3. PotatoKnight #

    My first thought on hearing about the crush object marriage was the recent news of Alexis Bledel’s engagement to Vincent Kartheiser. That announcement made me feel weird not so much in a “girl I once had a crush on is married” way as a “the nice girl from my high school class is marrying that one jerk” kind of way.

    This probably has something to do with the fact that my high school and college years lined up exactly with Rory Gilmore’s. And just like a real high school classmate, I only saw her once or twice once we both went to college. And just like a real high school classmate, one of the times I saw her she was a treasonous member of a prostitute army.


  4. margo #

    Question: Is copyright an issue? Not Shakespeare obviously-he’s public domain. But are TPTB behind The Terminator franchise not Amused?


    • Mark Lee OTI Staff #

      Oh wow, thanks for pointing that out. Here’s an excerpt:

      HAN: Pray tell, what shall the cargo be?

      OBI-WAN: -Myself
      The boy, two droids, and ne’re a question ask’d.

      HAN ‘Tis what, a touch of local trouble here?

      OBI-WAN Nay, let us simply say it thus: we would
      Imperial entanglements avoid

      HAN Aye, there’s the rub, so shalt though further pay.
      Ten thousand is the cost, and ev’ry bit
      Shalt though deliver ere we leave the dock.

      LUKE Ten thousand? Fie! We could our own ship buy
      For such a sum as this.

      HAN -A goodly jest!
      For who should pilot such a ship — shouldst thou?

      LUKE Thou knave, I could indeed!. . .


  5. Fred #

    A great discussion of the main topic, of course, as well as a pleasant detour into the world of So You Think You Can Dance. My wife and daughter were big fans, for a while anyway, so I have watched it a few times. My contribution to the blogosphere includes “cast profiles” for cast members on certain fitness DVDs (the ones I purchase), and so far I have discovered two former SYTYCD contestants who have provided their physical stamina and coordination for Jillian Michaels Body Revolution. Click on my website link (above) for more info about Hayley S. Mills (from the UK show) and Kamilah “Mimi” Barrett.


  6. PotatoKnight #

    Just wanted to throw in, in case anyone is coming by this podcast now, that I watched the video version of Terminator the Second tonight with a group of friends and it is every bit as excellent as you would think. Maybe an excellent or two more than you would think. It’s six bucks at terminatorthesecond.com and it’s hard to imagine a better six bucks spent on entertainment these days. I was pretty floored that all the actors managed A) Shakespearean language, B) excellent impressions of the original Terminator 2 actors and C) acting in character. Doing any one of those things is reasonably difficult, two at once another order of magnitude harder, and it’s hard for me to imagine doing all three at once, but the crew there were up to the task.



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