Overthinking Eurovision 2013: Israel

Can you smell what “Rak Bishvilo” is cooking?

Imagine Adele, but with bigger hair. And Israeli. That’s pretty much Moran Mazor. I wasn’t a huge fan of this song. Maybe at this point in our coverage, I’ve OD’d on divas belting out monster ballads? I thought the most interesting thing about “Rak Bishvilo” was the debate about whether John Galliano should be allowed to design Mazor’s dress.

Here’s my two cents: just because someone apologizes doesn’t mean that everyone else is required to wipe their slate clean. Chris Brown always seems angry that people won’t forgive him, because he did an interview with Larry King and what else do you want from him? But if you want people to forgive you, do something above and beyond your community service to make us believe you’re worth forgiving. Or at least actually do your community service.

Here’s the original video, as well as a club remix. I actually prefer the latter. She should perform it that way, bring some breakdancers out there. Maybe borrow those guys in hazmat suits from Montenegro.

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