Episode 252: Perhaps. But Not Today.

The Overthinkers tackle Star Trek: The Next Generation, “The Best of Both Worlds” parts 1 and 2.

Peter Fenzel, Mark Lee, Richard Rosenbaum, and Matthew Wrather are joined by Benjamin Krinsky to overthink Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes “The Best of Both Worlds” parts 1 and 2, which were recently screened in movie theaters.


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12 Comments on “Episode 252: Perhaps. But Not Today.”

  1. Sariel Thrawn #

    I haven’t finished listening to the show yet (so apologies if you covered it) but could “the best of both worlds” refer to the Borg themselves? They see themselves as the best combination of the biological and technological worlds. Right?


  2. midnightq2 #

    As it so happens, a Star Trek video game, a tie-in with the upcoming movie, was just released. It currently has a metacritic score of 43.


  3. robertsharp #

    I love it when Mark Lee laughs. That means its really funny.


  4. JosephFM #

    Am I the only one singing Hannah Montana to myself throughout this whole episode?

    I definitely could not have managed to discuss something called The Best of Both Worlds without mentioning that the way in which you get them is to chill out and take it slow, and then rock out the show (by putting on a wig and stage name that e magically hide your identity like Clark Kent’s glasses).

    Basically….just this.


  5. DanAlt #

    Pete, have you played “Day of the Tentacle?” It’s an early LucasArts point and click adventure that pretty much does exactly what you asked for in the intro – you travel back and forth through time altering the past to change the future.


    • Matthew Belinkie OTI Staff #

      Day of the Tentacle is AWESOME. Or at least, I remember it as awesome when I was like 13.


      • DanAlt #

        It holds up quite well.


    • fenzel OTI Staff #

      I have not played it! I’ve played Maniac Mansion through an emulator briefly, but the interface didn’t work that well (I think I was playing the NES version, where you had to use the arrow keys to move the cursor). Is there a good way to play Day of the Tentacle now?


  6. Gab #

    Lee, I would have to disagree about the destruction of an original culture in at least every American context. With the case of Native American cultures, it’s pretty safe to say the state both directly (through war) and indirectly (through supporting institutions like Indian schools and missionaries) has done a pretty bang-up job of wiping out the original. And some of the pretty blatantly anti-Hispanic laws in some states or localities that ban Spanish being spoken comes to mind, too- although this one could also be categorized as preventing the other culture from even taking any root, I suppose.


    • Matthew Wrather OTI Staff #

      Oh, there’s more too it than that… Don’t get me wrong, I like Mental Floss a lot, but the subject is really interesting and deserves a more careful treatment than “6 Stupidest Grammar Rules You should Totes Break!!!1!”.

      The best essay I know on split infinitives is by Sir Ernest Gowers, in the second edition of Fowler’s Modern English Usage, which I couldn’t find online. I think that edition is out of print, but Amazon has them used. The takeaway is that as a matter of style (not correctness) it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t.

      The Wikipiedia article is not bad either.


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