Overthinking Eurovision: Armenia and Serbia

Mark Lee takes Armenia to task for a typo in its music video and Serbia for just being awful.

I review two very different songs in this edition: Armenia’s rock song “Lonely Planet,” which was co-written by Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi, and Serbia’s high school talent show act that found its way into a strip club, “Ljubav je svuda (Love is everywhere).”

Spoiler alert: neither of these songs are likely to win, and we have some fun at their expense.

Check out the original videos: “Lonely Planet,” performed by Dorians of Armenia, and “Ljubav je svuda,” performed by Moje 3 of Serbia.

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8 Comments on “Overthinking Eurovision: Armenia and Serbia”

  1. Chris #

    Your link to the Moje 3 song send you to the much better Krista Siegfrids’ Marry Me.


    • Lee OTI Staff #

      Well, poopy. Both links were incorrect. They’re fixed now.


  2. Dr_Demento #

    Um. Wow, Serbia, wow. That is some of the worst acting I’ve seen in a long time, I mean the dancing was better, and the dancing was also really bad. I think the video only barely missed overshooting “So bad its good” into “So bad its terrible.” Still props for trying to represent the rejection of good/evil dichotomy in an effort to establish personal identity with a dance routine set to a song about fish food.


  3. Daniel #

    Y’know Mark, I must say that as OTI’s resident shredder, your mistaking of TONY Iommi’s name is vaguely disappointing.


    • Lee OTI Staff #

      Oof. Sorry about that. And in the video where I criticize others on their imprecise usage of the English language, no less. What can I say, except that we’re still working out the kinks of this whole video thing.


  4. Timothy J Swann #

    The Ireland video will be the only Eurovision video in the world that doesn’t reference Father Ted, I’m predicting.


  5. cat #

    Am I the only one who liked the song from Serbia? Granted, I didn’t watch most of the video and just focused on the audio but not knowing what any of the lyrics mean, I thought it was fine.

    This is now my ranking: 1. Norway 2. Cyprus 3. Serbia 4. Finland 5. Malta 6. Armenia 7. Albania 8. Azerbaijan 9. UK 10. Bulgaria 11. Latvia 12. Belarus


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