Overthinking Eurovision 2013: The UK and Cyprus

Today in Eurovision 2013, it’s all about me.

Today, it’s all about me—Eurovision 2013 songs with “me” in the title, that is. If you haven’t seen the other videos about Eurovision, be sure to check them out, and then enjoy today’s look at The UK and Cyprus.

Check out the original videos: “Believe In Me” performed by Bonnie Tyler and “An Me Thimasai” performed by Despina Olympiou.

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10 Comments on “Overthinking Eurovision 2013: The UK and Cyprus”

  1. Seminymous Coward #

    “This video is private.”


    • Matthew Wrather OTI Staff #


      Sorry about that — we had a snafu with our publication workflow this morning. I think we’ve ironed it out.


  2. Dr_Demento #

    “The answer is a resounding… probably”

    Oh god, oh god, oh god you just gave me flashbacks to judging High School Extemporaneous Speaking. I mean, it isn’t a bad rhetorical technique in an informal delivery, but after the 20th time you’ve heard it… *shivers*

    Still, I enjoyed the video, although I think there is a difference between sending an “International Multi-Platinum Superstar” and a “Washed Up International Multi-Platinum Superstar.” So it is really like sending an old WWI antique pistol to a knife fight and hoping no one notices the barrels been spiked.


    • Matthew Wrather OTI Staff #

      Sure. Belinkie made the same point last week when we were discussing the script. I don’t know, maybe it’s just that I still like the old Bonnie Tyler music and don’t want to hate on her.

      But when I read her Wikipedia page, it doesn’t seem like she stopped working — I think it’s a tad ungenerous to call her “washed up.” We’re all getting older…


    • Matthew Wrather OTI Staff #

      By the way. I’m very curious about judging High School speech and debate. I’d like to talk to you about it. Can you email me through the contact form?


  3. cat #

    The Bonnie Tyler video was odd. It’s like they intentionally put her in settings that would be uncomfortable for both her and the audience. She felt very awkward in the space for a seasoned performer. I bring it up because it seems at odds with the message of the video. There’s nothing especially comforting about an empty house with angelic light pouring through the windows. There’s also nothing particularly secure or reassuring about an empty beach covered with footprints. And yet the only person around is Bonnie.

    Also, the song just comes across as one of those bland songs that channels other songs without really saying anything. It reminds me of this movie where a computer program tried to write a song but did so by mashing together lyrics from other songs. Why should this person believe in her? How is that supposed to help them?

    And pandas ARE adorable.


  4. cat #

    Another question for overthinkers outside of America. Is American country music popular where you live?

    I thought both of these entries had a pop/country vibe that I was not expecting.


  5. cat #

    I liked the entry from Cyprus. Possibly because I was just happy to hear a good singer. I like to assume that B movie footage section is somehow a tribute to Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights song.


  6. Gab #

    Am I the only one entirely unsurprised that Wrather would handle the topic of “me”? Eh?

    (I jest)

    (Or do I?)


  7. mim #

    Nothing of substance to add here, I’m just so grateful that there’s a site out there that makes fun of and dissects Eurovision, and does it well. Ah, the plague of loving a show that noone cares about.


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