The Somewhere Out There Shot: Downton Abbey Video Recap

Fenzel, Sheely, and Wrather recap Sunday’s episode of Downton Abbey, focusing on Branson, the critique of the prison system, and Lady Edith’s hobby.

We continue our discussion of Season 3 of Downton Abbey with another video recap of Episode 4 (American Episode 3) recorded via Google Hangout.

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  1. Gab #

    Management: So… they need bureaucracy? James Q. Wilson, “The Rise of the Bureucratic State.” It’s all about how the big heads in charge eventually need to find other people to run things for them. And different entities vie for control and power over a larger jurisdiction. That’s very visible in the Downstairs.

    Loved the Borg metaphor.

    Also, maybe my comment last week about Edith being at least as progressive as Sybil was off- perhaps she’s more. Tune in next week, eh?


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