For Your Consideration: The Silver Linings Playbook

Only one film deserves your vote this Oscar season, unless you’re a terrible person.

With the Zero Dark Thirty torture controversy rocking the Hollywood awards season, one film sees an opportunity — perhaps its only opportunity — to bring home the big prize on Oscar Night:

It’s a story of the healing power of love and family that will never appear before a war crimes tribunal. You don’t like war crimes, do you? Nobody does, except war criminals.

Does The Silver Linings Playbook have a chance at an upset? Sound off in the comments!

9 Comments on “For Your Consideration: The Silver Linings Playbook”

  1. Martin #

    Annie Hall won over Star Wars so it’s possible.


    • Chris #

      Some people think Stars Wars is better than Annie Hall, so it’s possible.

      I say that, in part, in jest, because obviously this is a subjective matter, and I get irked when people get incredulous about somebody’s subjective opinion being different than their own. Not to say this comment was particularly incredulous, but it does seem to assert that the notion that Stars Wars not being the Best Picture winner of 1977 is unthinkable. Naturally, I disagree inasmuch as that for starters, a film like Star Wars would never win something like Best Picture at the Oscars, and also because it’s not all that good of a movie in terms of acting and dialogue and such. Plus, if you want to bring up a movie from the 70s whose win is a head scratcher, in my opinion of course, just go one year earlier when Rocky beat Network.

      As for Silver Lining Playbook’s chances of winning, they are next to none I imagine. For starters, it is, from what I gather, sort of comedic, which oft goes unrecognized by the Academy. Second, it couldn’t even win a Golden Globe, losing out to Les Miserables, which is more in line with what the Academy tends to recognize. Lastly, Lincoln is a movie that exists.


      • fenzel OTI Staff #

        “Plus, if you want to bring up a movie from the 70s whose win is a head scratcher, in my opinion of course, just go one year earlier when Rocky beat Network.”

        This was my initial reaction as well. Network is so, so good.


        • Slam Adams #

          Replace Network with Taxi Driver and I have the same sentiment.


          • Halloween Jack #

            I’m with you there.

  2. slims #

    Based on this video, I can only hope that the next step is the formation of Gold Standard – an organization for Truthers to find out what really happened in The Silver Linings Playbook.


    • fenzel OTI Staff #

      The mental breakdown suffered by Bradley Cooper’s character Pat was clearly a controlled demolition. No human being is made that unhappy by Stevie Wonder — those telltale plumes can only come from thermite charges. And why didn’t this movie engulf any other cast members from The Hangover?

      Follow the money, sheeple, follow the money.


  3. L #

    1977 was a good year for BP nominees. SW & AH two of my fave movies ever. I loved SLP but it is technically a comedy, and the last comedy to win BP was… Annie Hall. But expect the Harvey machine to be running full throttle in the next few weeks. Buzz and box office for SLP actually increases week after week.


  4. JosephFM #

    I enjoyed this movie far more than any of the other nominees. It’s still only my 2nd favorite romantic dramedy about troubled white people of 2012 (in that it’s clearly inferior to Moonrise Kingdom, my favorite live-action Wes Anderson movie), and I have MAJOR issues with it in terms of storytelling and its extremely problematic approach to mental illness, but nonetheless it’s an actual Good Movie.


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