The Overview: Casino Royale

Overthinking It presents its alternative commentary on the James Bond francise’s gritty reboot, Casino Royale starring Daniel Craig as 007.

The Overview: Casino RoyaleWe are pleased to bring you this latest edition of The Overview, our series of alternative commentaries to your favorite movies. You can buy and download the track easily, and when you play it alongside your own copy of the film, you’ll have the experience of watching a movie with your pals from the Internet, the Overthinking It writers.

For this episode we turn to one of the oldest, most storied francises in cinema history: Bond. James Bond. Just in time for the American release of Skyfall, already breaking international box office records, we offer our take on the James Bond franchise’s own gritty reboot. From wicker chairs to poker chips, Peter Fenzel, Mark Lee and John Perich consider every aspect of Casino Royale, including a very deep dive on the specifics of the villain’s market manipulation scheme. Get yours copy today!



The Overview is a series of alternative commentary tracks from Overthinking It, where the Overthinkers watch and discuss your favorite movies for your edutainment. The commentary is meant to be played while watching the movie, which means you’ll need your own copy of the movie and a way to both watch and listen to a MP3 track in order to take full advantage of what you’re buying. Find out more in the Overthinking It Store.

4 Comments on “The Overview: Casino Royale”

  1. Rob Northrup #

    Can’t wait for the Overview of the 1954 Casino Royale episode of Climax! Peter Lorre supports the use of enhanced interrogation techniques.


  2. Anthony Abatte #

    This is one of my favorite Bond films. I look forward for any excuse to rewatch it. Downloading The Overview now.

    I wonder if Harvey Firestein will make an appearance…


  3. Paul #

    Pete says the Brosnan movies weren’t based on Bond books, but Die Another Day has many elements lifted from the Moonraker book.

    *Spoilers for a 57 year old book and a 10 year old movie*
    The wealthy ‘British’ industrialist creating some sort of space technology, who turns out to be a person from an enemy country planning to use the new technology against non-Nazi/communist countries.


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