Episode 70: The Naked Mole Rat with Two Backs

Sheely and Wrather return, and so does Gossip Girl, for its final season.

TFT PodcastSheely and Wrather return, and so does Gossip Girl, for its final season.


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7 Comments on “Episode 70: The Naked Mole Rat with Two Backs”

  1. Amanda #

    Hey guys!
    You’re talking about fashion! Awesome :) So, I’m still listening to the podcast, you guys have just started talking about WWD and I remembered something that really annoyed me about Blair’s collection. As Wrather said (and wow, a really impressed congratulations on your familiarity with the different strata of fashion), Waldorf Designs or whatever it’s called seems to be an haute couture brand. That means they have to abide by many different rules by the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture in order to be considered that. I don’t know what all the rules are, but considering the ones I do know, I would find it highly unlikely that the whole “they’re using the same fabric as me!” situation could have ever happened. An actual haute couture atelier would certainly not shop for their fabrics at Mood, they’re not Project Runway contestants for Christ’s sakes. I would guess that any haute couture designer/brand (or even just high-end prêt-à-porter) would design their own prints. So the fact that Poppy’s collection had the same fabric and print as Blair’s and it was never talked about in terms of corporate espionage or something of the sort, but in a “We shopped at the same fabric store! What an unfortunate coincidence!” kind of way seemed highly unrealistic.

    But hey, GG and TFT are back!!! I’m just happy we’re still doing this :)


    • cat #

      I don’t think Eleanor’s brand is haute couture. We’ve seen bits and pieces over the year and it strikes me almost like ready-to-wear or a regular designer brand. I think the show just has a kind of confused way of discussing it. They’re attempting to make it seem very grand so their portrayal is a bit off.


  2. serpounce #

    A Gossip Girl plot, dependent on completely implausible occurrences? Say it ain’t so ;-)


    • Amanda #

      haha you’re totally right :)
      but still, GG puts so much care into the costumes, it still surprises me how they mess up fashion storylines
      and speaking of messing up fashion storylines, on the latest ep Serena, after seeing Nelly Yuki, threatened to talk sh*t about the show to her and Blair just stood there, afraid of what might happen. WHY?! She could have gotten Sage expelled from the show in half a second, and she didn’t even try to blackmail Serena with the possibility?? Also, as far as implausible occurrences go, the likelihood that they would even have a look for Sage to model, having decided she’d be on the show when the freaking GUESTS were already in the room waiting for the show to start, was a Minus 34567897678 on the Vulture scale…
      Forgive me for bragging, I just came home from a fitting, Sao Paulo Fashion Week is starting today and I have a minor (unpaid) job, so…
      I’ve just been obsessing about the fashion aspects of the show lately.
      Also, Cat, you’re probably right. It seems like just a regular RTW brand, even though they try to make it sound like more than it is sometimes (like why would an American RTW line have an atelier in Paris…)


      • cat #

        I think Gossip Girl just strikes a awkward balance between what they want to do and what makes sense.

        Writer: We want to keep Serena at the fashion show so she can storm out dramatically.
        Writer #2: OK, so Blair won’t kick her out.

        Though I think there’s also a balance there between Blair being afraid that Serena will badmouth her to Nelly and wanting Serena the pseudo-celebrity and taste-maker present. Also, I think she may be hoping that if Serena is truthful, there won’t be anything to criticize. And she may be afraid of what people might write about her if she kicks Serena out. Nelly could just as easily write about Blair being afraid of an honest critique.

        Writer #1: Let’s send Blair back to Paris.
        Writer #2: Why would she need to go abroad?
        Writer #1: Chuck is there gambling. And her mom’s business is there.
        Writer #3: But why would…?
        Writer #2: Shhh, he’s already writing.

        Also, Eleanor’s line has never struck me as having much international appeal. I think the writers probably watched a movie about Coco Chanel or something as research and so they sent her to Paris.


    • Matthew Wrather OTI Staff #

      That is just not fair. Ryan and I both have terminal degrees and college teaching experience. WHY DID THEY NOT CALL US?


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