Featured Forum Threads: October 19, 2012

Here’s what’s on the OTI forums as of October 19, 2012.

We’ve made some updates to the Overthinking It Forums, and there’s been a bunch of activity this week. Register (if you haven’t already), and check it out:

What’s Harder Than An EGOT?

Ben Adams asks:

John Chambers, the Hollywood special effects artist involved in the CIA operation, has won both the Intelligence Star AND an Oscar during his lifetime.…

What are some other interesting combinations of awards in widely disparate fields?

There are a bunch of great suggestions, including one from Belinkie:

Kris Kristopherson, because he has lived pretty much the greatest life a man has ever lived, has a G3RSVoTY (Grammy, Golden Globe, Rhodes Scholarship, Veteran of the Year).

Harder than an EGOT in Movies

Sci-Fi Interface Design

Even though this thread was for a contest, and the barrier to entry was pretty low (Snitty: “I would like to win free things.“), the discussion got pretty interesting, with mentions of Minority Report, Siri, Fringe, SeaQuest DSV, and Johnny Mnemonic.

Contest and Discussion Thread for “Make It So: Interface Design Lessons from Sci-Fi” in Books

Revolution: a treatise on rolling back technology?

Lee criticizes some of the world-building in the new show Revolution (what would really happen if electricity “stopped working”, but adds:

I will say that I’m enjoying the show when treating it as a thought experiment on law and order and the use of violence as a societal control mechanism. More on that in a future post/podcast episode, methinks.

(Sounds like there’s a podcast he might like.)

Revolution: a treatise on rolling back technology? in Television

One more thing: We’ve gotten a little better with our response time on article submissions. If you have an idea you’d like to pitch, or if you have one that fell through the cracks (we’re not proud of it, but it’s happened), now would be a great time to get in touch.

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