Episode 69: Tripling the System

Sheely, Wrather, and guest Tim Swann close out TFT Summer School, wrapping up Series 2 of E4’s Misfits.

TFT PodcastSheely and Wrather return again (again!) with Tim Swann, host of the Psycomedia Podcast, to consider the UK’s Misfits, Series 2, Episodes 5 through 7, focusing on bodily fluids, why Misfits is not Downton Abbey, tripling oneself and tripling the system, and the interesting genre questions around Misfits.

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3 Comments on “Episode 69: Tripling the System”

  1. cat #

    It is the last season of Gossip Girl and I’m the only one still watching Glee. Still waiting to be on the podcast.


  2. Ben #

    I have enjoyed the season on Misfits and look forward to more English programs next summer if you continue.

    P.S . The third season on Misfits is not that good, the Nazi episode is ridiculous and poor


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