Episode 219: Icons are Always an Accident

The Overthinkers interview movie producer and Ghostbusters logo designer Michael C. Gross.

Movie Producer (Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters 2, Twins, Kindergarden Cop, Dave), art director for National Lampoon, and Ghostbusters logo designer Michael C. Gross joins Matthew Belinkie, Peter Fenzel, Mark Lee and Matthew Wrather for an interview covering the brilliance of the Ghostbusters logo and his incredible career.

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3 Comments on “Episode 219: Icons are Always an Accident”

  1. Jason Smith #

    I am in Thailand. A lot of that makes sense.


    • Jason Smith #

      Also: Best. Episode. Ever.


  2. Gab #

    Well, it seems your mantra about people yelling at you on the internet had a pretty gorram huge payoff this time, Fenzel.

    I was intrigued by the brief discussion of “favorite” movies and the reasons why therein. A pretty valid point is in there, one that I think is why all the “Top X” lists cause so much disagreement and upset every time they come out. And it’s basically that, since pleasure, quality, and any other criteria one would set for determining the “best” movies, are all subjective and socially constructive, coming up with any list with the expectation that it will be adopted by anyone apart from the source is kind of useless. One can still separate what they enjoy more from what is widely considered “good,” but even that defines “good” in a way precluding attachment- which then, could be argued, is a faulty definition of “good.” And while Mr. Gross contextualizes his moviegoing experience as a kid as the basis for favorite movies, I’d push it further and say that even as an adult or person able to be a “sophisticated” moviegoer, there’s still a lot to be said about just wanting to escape and let go when seeing a movie or watching a show. Art is often about that: escape.

    I was pretty enthralled the whole time. Fantastic.


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