Episode 68: Loners with Boners

Sheely, Wrather, and Tim Swann begin Season 2 of Misfits, and wonder if there are really any “fits” in the first place.

TFT PodcastSheely and Wrather return again with Tim Swann, host of the Psycomedia Podcast, to consider the UK’s Misfits, Series 2, Episodes 1 through 4, focusing on serialization and equilibrium, immigration and assimilation, mental health, the community center and the possibility of a true public space in post-industrial society, and whether there are any true “fits.”

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10 Comments on “Episode 68: Loners with Boners”

  1. cat #

    Aw, you mentioned me. Hugs!


  2. Pasteur #

    Can we say “You Always Already Only Lived Once”?


    • sheely OTI Staff #

      YAAOLO! That would be a fantastic t-shirt.

      I think we probably could and should do a whole episode on the YOLO meme.


  3. Brodie #

    cheers for locking spice girls in my mind. I blame tim.


    • Timothy J Swann #

      Oh yeah, blame the Adjunct who keeps getting killed off in the fanfics. I’m not sure I did any Spice Girls, but mostly because I couldn’t get Viva Forever in edgeways.


      • Brodie #

        Always good to have you on, any chance you could drag Ben with you next time?


        • Amanda #

          Yes! Let’s do a TFT-Psycomedia mash-up! And write slash fic to go with it! I vote for Ben-Sheely and Tim-Matt (of course, I’ve just now ruined any chance there was that Ben would participate in the podcast… or did I?)


          • Timothy J Swann #

            Well, I’m sure it’s not really my decision. I’m sure Ben would be honoured to be asked, and would probably have some good insight, being the proper social psychologist of the pair of us, but you know. Basically what I’m saying is ask the real professors rather than the adjunct.

    • Timothy J Swann #

      Which given the disparity in the awesomeness of the guests is way out of whack. Clearly you need to research the topics that differ – Misfits vs. Ghostbusters, whatever the question of the week was vs. slash-fiction about the podcasters and so forth.


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