OTI Meetup London 2012

Join other UK- and Europe-based Overthinkers in London the evening of Tuesday, August 21, 2012 for the first ever international OTI meetup.

Every few years, the nations of the world send the best they have—the most skilled, the quickest, the most highly trained and rigorously prepared—to meet in a contest of strength against strength, will against will. This year, these culled and choice-drawn cavaliers descend on the great city of London, England [but not the City of London, that’s different -Ed.], a storied land where Kenneth Branagh causes smokestacks to rise out of the bucolic hillside; where the citizens inexplicably prefer tea to coffee; where local heroes include John Lennon, John Milton, and John Oliver. And what do they call this clash of the champions, this titanic tournament, this unprecedented Olympiad of Overthink? They call it…

The London 2012 Overthinking It Meetup

Matt Wrather, fearless leader of OTI, after sojourning in Europe lo these past half dozen weeks, summons all UK-based—nay, all Europe-based—Overthinkers to London the evening of Tuesday, August 21, 2012 to eat, drink, and Overthink. In attendance will be Matt, his unbelievably indulgent girlfriend, frequent commenter and podcast guest & co-host Tim Swann, and fellow Overthinkers from the sunlit expanse of the British Empire.

We’ll start the evening at 7pm [19:00 -Ed.] at Fernandez & Wells Cafe in Somerset House, and move around 8:30 [20:30 -Ed.] to Porterhouse, a nearby fermentation concern, where we will continue our festivities. All are welcome!

If you’d like to RSVP you can do so at the Facebook Event; you can also comment below or on the original Forum Thread. For the most current updates, check Twitter.

Hope to see all you Londoners there!

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  1. Timothy J Swann #

    Yeah, maybe you could actually teach me the secrets of hosting before I ever do it again. Impart the sacred mysteries etc.


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