OTI Movie Night: Expendables 2

OTI Movie Night: Expendables 2

Friday, August 17, in New York City and Boston

It should be of no surprise to you that we’re pretty excited about The Expendables 2. With a cast like this, how could we not? Besides, there’ll be plenty to overthink: the appeal to 80’s and 90’s nostalgia, the use of meta-casting, the role of kinetic violence in solving the world’s problems, and of course, whether or not Chuck Norris’s tears actually can cure cancer.

So if this sounds appealing to you, and if you live in Boston or New York City, come out and see it with the Overthinkers this Friday, August 17!

New York City

  • Friday, 8/17, 9:45 PM at AMC Loews Kip’s Bay
  • Pre-movie drinks at 8:45, location TBD
  • Look for Belinkie and Lee. Lee will be wearing his OTIS t-shirt.
  • Friday, 8/17, 9:45 PM at AMC Loew’s Boston Common
  • Look for Fenzel
Do us a solid and RSVP in the comments if you’re coming. We’ll coordinate on this post until a few hours prior to the event, at which time we’ll broadcast last minute updates via Twitter. And if you can’t join us, be sure to tune into the podcast for our after-action report.

2 Comments on “OTI Movie Night: Expendables 2”

  1. Mark #

    I saw this yesterday on the tail end of a business trip in the UK, and to be honest I was dissapointed (and that may partly have to do with the fact that the popcorn was rubbish, as the Brits would say). The actors didn’t seem to be having as much fun as they did last time, and the fun they did have felt forced.

    For the British overthinkers, Hollywood:British film industry::’Expendables’:’The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’. Discuss.

    Fun calculation for science-minded overthinkers: how fast would the bad guys die due to the radiation from the supercritical mass of plutonium they’re carrying around in their trucks? Bare-sphere critical mass for weapons-grade plutonium metal is about 10 kilos, and plutonium is very dense, so each of those small cylinders they were loading was ~ a critical mass. Answer: they would die very fast, but not as fast as being killed by Chuck Norris.


    • fenzel #

      We’ll talk about this on the podcast, but the contents of the safe and the plutonium are two of the McGuffinnest McGuffins in recent film memory. I think there’s one line in the whole movie about why they are important (when JCVD is talking about how much he’s getting for a kilo, and how it can change the global balance of power), the rest is all “it doesn’t matter, just get it.”

      It’s got to be on purpose.


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