Episode 65: Mami and Dadi Business

Sheely and Wrather wrap up season of Friday Night Lights, and develop a theory of the teenage effing continuum.

TFT PodcastSheely and Wrather realize they were always living in a devil town as they finish Friday Night Lights Season 1. An early digression (why does Sheely say “effing” and not “fucking”?) leads to a whole new theory of the effing teenager continuum, with a discussion of the effing/fucking teenager as engaged in a type of social, personal, and relational experimentation in mami and dadi business.

Continuing the discussion for TFT Summer School. What should be on the syllabus? Leave a comment below.

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4 Comments on “Episode 65: Mami and Dadi Business”

  1. Amanda #

    Awww, you guys made fun of my crazy comment! To paraphrase Donna Summer ( :'( )

    I feel loooooooooooo


    Yes, I’m officially insane.
    Also, the last few (3-5?) podcasts were amazing. I know this cause I have to listen to them again to understand a crap ton of stuff. That’s how I measure amazingness in the TFT world, me not understanding shit. Please go on alienating and confounding me, guys!


    • sheely OTI Staff #

      Interestingly, I actually had to read that comment twice, so obviously we’re mentoring you well in the “alienate and confound” category.

      I actually hadn’t been familiar with Berlin Alexanderplatz before your comment, and in general the only 2 Fass 2 Binder that I’ve seen is “The Marriage of Maria Braun”, so I actually am interested in checking out more of his stuff, and this one seems pretty awesome.

      I’m glad that you have liked the last run of podcasts- they have felt really good to do. We’re in the process of setting our “summer school” syllabus… I’m watching S1E1 of Misfits now; will keep you posted about what we decide!


      • Pasteur #

        Yay! Let us know if you want us to submit preliminary essays to help sway your opinion.


  2. Amanda #

    Oops, that was supposed to look like this:

    I feel loooooooooooo__________________________________________________


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