Episode 200: A Podcast Gotta Have A Code

The Overthinkers tackle their own plasma anniversary, as well as the Law and Order episode of Community.

Overthinking It PodcastMatthew Wrather hosts with Peter Fenzel, Mark Lee, John Perich, Dave Shechner, Ryan Sheely and special guests Cognac and Gonzo for an in-person podcast to overthink the Overthinking It Live show at Geek Week 2012, the remarkable achievement of 200 podcasts, the Law and Order episode of Community, the difference between risotto and fried chicken, how some people be colonizing Mars and other people be colonizing Venus, the infamous Double Andre, and the Pikachu-ification of narrative.

Many thanks to everyone for 200 episodes (plus!) of podcast listening.


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17 Comments on “Episode 200: A Podcast Gotta Have A Code”

  1. Justin Bortnick #

    I was planning on going with the Plasma Anniversary myself, but as that was taken I think that I would have to follow in the footsteps of the United States of America and go with the commemorative coin anniversary for a wedding’s bicentennial. Truly, is there anything more lasting from that celebration than the quarters that still see regular circulation to this day? I would want something no less permanent were I celebrating the big 2-0-0.


  2. Pasteur #

    Dan Harmon (showrunner/head writer of Community) has something of a history with writing Law & Order deconstructions. Listening to the podcast, I was reminded both of his old Channel 101 TV Show “Water and Power” (http://youtu.be/f2lrnFXR-YE), and a blog entry that I for some reason remember like it was yesterday. It’s called “Best Law and Order Ending Ever”, and it can still miraculously be found here: http://www.myspace.com/unspeakablesadness/blog/413277683.

    Amazing to have Shechner and Sheely on the same podcast, and great episode all round! My personal pick for 200th anniversary would be the Boardwalk anniversary, where you give each other commemorative GO boards.


  3. Tulse #

    Congrats to all on the plasma anniversary!

    While all episodes of the podcast provide much to ponder, I was especially taken by the comparison of legal procedure to performance, and especially to Aristotle’s notion of the role of drama. I think there’s a lot to unpack there, and further analysis might make for an excellent OTI article. (For example, I wonder if part of the popularity of such shows is precisely because that kind of ideal dramatic effect is not found in the actual legal system.)

    Since I’m a “cord cutter”, I don’t get to see Community live, but grabbing it from iTunes has the advantage of making me aware of the official episode titles, and this one’s tribute to the L&O creator is especially clever: “Basic Lupine Urology”.


  4. cat #

    As with any good anniversary, this episode reminded me of how much I love you guys.


  5. Gab #

    The guests were great when they got to contribute, and it’s always great to hear Ryan on this podcast!

    I’ve only podcasted once, so I don’t expect to be included as an important previous guest- but summer is coming, hopefully I can get in a few more, if you’ll have me on again.

    Alright, my rant about the CSI effect isn’t about jurors’ expectations. It’s about expectations of Las Vegas. CSI makes people think it’s this insanely dangerous city where if you’re from there and a woman, you’re either a hooker, a dead hooker, or on crack. And while I don’t watch the show, so I can’t say whether this is just the ignorance of the people I’ve met in college and grad school… there seems to be this idea that everybody in Vegas has a huge condo with pools and palm trees (if they don’t live in a hotel…). I may not have enjoyed growing up in Vegas, but I’m not a hooker or on crack (and my typing this should indicate that I’m alive); and I most certainly didn’t grow up in a condo with pools and palm trees (VERY far from it). There are normal people (women) in Vegas; there is a whole spectrum of income levels in the housing around town. And there is not, in fact, a brutal murder every week. It’s actually a relatively safe city to live. It has it’s rough areas, sure, but there isn’t a dismembered corpse showing up in time for tea every Saturday afternoon.

    Okay, done. Sorry.

    Happy anniversary, OTIers. I think you’re right. You are, indeed, awesome. Made of awesome, even.


    • JosephFM #

      Same applies to Miami, pretty much – except for the bit about palm trees, which are in fact all over the place in pretty much every part of South Florida. They’re all filmed in California mostly.


  6. Taylor #

    “exposition” is a game I like to play with my wife while we watch movies/TV (especially bad stuff), where the goal is to call out poorly written exposition as you see/hear it. Oh course, in an effort not to be rude, one must pretend to cough while calling this out. If we binge drank more regularly, it would make an excellent drinking game. if you feel like getting absolutely smashed, play while watching “The Finder”.


    • arthur #

      Somebody should get Perich to try it while watching the West Wing, although on second thought he won’t really remember enough to write the articles.


  7. Chris #

    I, for one, am incredulous I was not given any mention on the podcast for all I have provided. Who else, instead of furthering the conversation, merely provides superfluous corrects to minor factual errors? Who else stumbles awkwardly through their one guest appearance? Without me, the Overthinking Podcast would be nothing! NOTHING!

    In all seriousness, I’ve enjoyed the show for quite some time, although I cannot call myself somebody that has listened to them all. I don’t know the exact number. A quick search informed me that the first one I listened to was episode 67, but I went back afterwards to listen to some older ones. Also, I sought out episodes in which Wrather didn’t appear. Not because I felt he detracts from the show, but just for a chance to see a different dynamic in action.

    Here’s to 195 more. I’ll wait until then to wish you another five.


  8. Howard Member #

    Happy 200th anniversary! I guess it’s about time I go back and try to join the plasma club.

    Also, while we’re talking about OTI podcasters not appearing on this podcast, is there any prospect of Amanda Marcotte returning? She’s the reason I found you guys in the first place.


    • fenzel #

      I hope so! Amanda is awesome and I loved having her on the podcast. We’ve talked about this among ourselves many times and if we’re lucky we’ll get her back on the podcast someday.


  9. asadok #

    Happy anniversary! Good to hear all you guys together again. May your discourse ever remain polyglossic, unhomogenised and not from concentrate.


  10. Timothy J Swann #

    Hey, I miss all you guys too. I guess having a job that starts at a decent time on a Monday means trans-Atlantic podcasting isn’t really possible.


    • Pasteur #



  11. JosephFM #

    Happy podcastiversay.


  12. Heather #

    Dear OTI,

    Thank you for being hilarious so Heather did not spontaneously combust while stuck in terrible traffic on the Mass Pike this afternoon.


    Everyone on the Mass Pike


  13. Rob #

    Great show. Makes me want to start watching Community consistently (and almost every show or movie you mention).

    Wrather touched on an idea that I tried to ask about before in forums, but maybe I didn’t frame it clearly: “overthinkability.” On one hand it seems like overthinking is a skill that can be applied to any text or show or movie. With mad enough skillz, one should be able to overthink some aspect of anything. On the other hand, does there have to be some minimum depth to the text in order for it to be overthinkable? Does a person need to enjoy the text enough to overthink it, or does it just help?


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