Think Tank: Unfortunately, There's a Little Bit of the Movies in All of Us.

Think Tank: Unfortunately, There’s a Little Bit of the Movies in All of Us.

We parody the Academy’s “We showed you how” ad campaign by showing Hollywood’s dark side.

This year, to promote the Oscars, the Academy has produced this series of promotional images that highlight memorable characters/moments from the movies. Each one starts with “We showed you…” and includes the tagline “There’s a little bit of the movies in all of us.”

You can see more of these on Slashfilm, where I first saw these (and where I get most of my movie news).

I actually like this ad campaign. These images cut to the core of why we love movies: the fictional characters and situations they present are powerful, resonating representations of good and evil, and they stick with us well after the lights have gone up in the theater. Many of us would actually say there’s more than just a little bit of the movies in all of us; the most powerful moments in cinema can inspire us in life-changing ways.

But this sort of inspiration has its dark side, too, which is why we couldn’t let the Academy off the hook with this ad campaign. “We showed you how,” they say. Oh yes, they showed us how to do a lot of things, including some terrible things, which the Overthinking It team took the liberty of reminding you of in the form of these Oscar ads.

Enjoy this rampant display of cynicism, and feel free to add your own in the comments!







16 Comments on “Think Tank: Unfortunately, There’s a Little Bit of the Movies in All of Us.”

  1. Redem #

    Those are great!


  2. JimmyNic #

    Fantastic ;)


    • fenzel OTI Staff #

      The font is Century Gothic – although I don’t have that font on my computer, so when Mark sent us all a template, the parts I altered are in a rough approximation chosen by Photoshop Elements.


  3. Britta #

    What movie is the “sexual assault” one from? It’s driving me crazy!!!


    • fenzel OTI Staff #

      That’s _Revenge of the Nerds_, which turns out to be a very morally questionable movie.


  4. Redem #

    Revenge of the nerd

    Robot Chicken actually list all the criminal offense done in that movie


    • fenzel OTI Staff #

      Thanks! And cool blog!


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