Episode 55: Salient Cleavage

Sheely and Wrather discuss Friday Night Lights S01 E09-10, and why it’s different for girls.

Ryan Sheely and Matthew Wrather return to Friday Night Lights, discussing season 1 episodes 9 and 10, covering edited volumes, the perks of organizing conferences, what lies east of Dillon, and why it’s different for girls.


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3 Comments on “Episode 55: Salient Cleavage”

  1. Steven #

    Intellectually potent though it is, I take umbrage with the “turd of the self/butthole of society” of “Sheely’s Sphincter” model. It doesn’t give enough will to the “turd.” The “Richard Gerebil” or “Lemmiwinks” model provides this, there the “turd of the self” can fight against the current of societies forces.


  2. thelonegoldfish #

    The RSS feed is delivering the reference material instead of the podcast to iTunes.

    Figured you should know.


  3. Evan Parker #

    Regarding East Dillon:

    I went to college in Terrre Haute, IN at a fairly well respected Engineering school, and there was a West Terre Haute, which as far as I know had two claims to fame: it had a murder rate that made Terre Haute proper look favorable, and they had the other Dominoes.

    So you can have the less-well to do sister city exist in real life, and it can realistically not come up, as I never went there in the six years I was in and about Terre Haute.


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