Episode 51: Felt Goatees for Everybody

Sheely, Stokes, and Wrather consider Community’s parody of Glee.

These Fucking Teenagers PodcastRyan Sheely, Jordan Stokes, and Matthew Wrather consider Community’s Christmas episode as a parody of Glee, as well as the other musical numbers in the show.

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12 Comments on “Episode 51: Felt Goatees for Everybody”

  1. Wordsmith #

    I think you might have only uploaded the intro music… :(


    • Brian #

      Don’t worry it’s a whole episode.


  2. Chris #

    I may have misheard Stokes, but I think he said “the yiffs” when he meant to say “the yips.” The yiffs would probably be something very, very different and altogether more alarming

    In addition to “Kiss from a Rose” and “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me,” the Batman Forever soundtrack also featured “Bad Days” by The Flaming Lips which I once listened to over and over at a sleepover as a young child.

    Community is great.


    • Andy #

      Would The Yiffs first single be a cover of “Closer,” exchanging the word “as” for “like?”


  3. Lee OTI Staff #

    Slightly off-topic: will Glee ever get removed from the TFT show’s artwork? Or it its continuing presence an indicator that Glee will be resurfaced from time to time, like with this episode?


  4. Timothy J Swann #

    Wait, what happened with the episode title? Have you guys been forced to clean up your act by Ian Tunes, founder of iTunes?


    • Matthew Wrather OTI Staff #

      We did indeed run afoul of Apple, who finally, after two years, got around to checking on our show. We were temporarily removed from the store, so everyone check your subscription and see if it’s still operating.


  5. Hakeem #

    I would like to hear your take on skins Gen 2 and how it compares to Gen 1. Then maybe do the same for Gen 3 when it wraps in march.

    I personally prefered Gen 2, but think series 1 was more creative and original.

    Kind Regards


    • Amanda #

      Talking about Skins, gen 2, I was at the airport in Sao Paulo this Tuesday, waiting in line to check-in, when someone asks for my help with the self check-in machine. So I look at the machine to try and figure out what should be done next and realize the last name of the guy who just asked me for help is Scodelario. I just said “Kaya” in a weird voice that sounded like a question and he turned around and said “That”s my niece!”

      Yes fellow TFTers, I, in what may have been the single most random moment of my life (and I’ve walked by Stephen Hawking at the Bellagio, so…) met Effy Stonem’s real life uncle in what may be the single most chaotic airport in all of the Americas. He was super nice btw :)


  6. Shamela #

    Sorry about your Apple problems. Looking forward to you finally talking about FNL again!


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