OTIs Holiday Ornaments Available through November 4

Get your own Limited-Edition OTIS Holiday Ornament!

OTIs OrnamentIn case we haven’t yet taught you to expect the expected from Overthinking It, we are pleased to announce Limited-Edition Handmade Holiday Ornaments fashioned in the likeness of our beloved mascot, OTIs.

The ornaments come from Xyloart and are handmade by OTI reader and podcast listener—and expert crafter—Kathryn. This is a very limited edition (not that many crocheting days before Christmas), and in order to allow for delivery in early December, we are offering these handcrafted treasures for a limited time only—you can buy yours until November 4.

Handmade OTIs Ornament SOLD OUT!
(contact us for international rates)

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  1. Xyloart #

    I promise to make all of them while watching reality TV so they will be infused with pop-culture goodness.


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