Overthinking It at New York Comic-Con 2011

Let us know your suggestions for covering Comic-Con

Overthinking It is going to New York Comic-Con 2011!

This is a lie. What happens at Comic-Con gets posted all over the Internet.

For the third year in a row, our intrepid Comic-Con correspondent Lee will be at the Javits Center in New York, NY, to “drink from the pop culture firehose.” As with previous years, he’ll be taking photos and videos, but this year, we want to make it a little more interactive with our readers. To that end:

  • If you are coming to New York Comic-Con, we’d love to interview you for a video segment on the site. Email Lee AT OverthinkingIt DOT com to arrange a meeting time and place.
  • If there’s something at Comic-Con you’d like Lee to check out, post it in the comments. Take a look at the extensive program on the Comic-Con website. He obviously can’t go to everything, and will likely be there for only parts of Friday and Saturday, but he’ll do his best.
  • Post any other suggestions for New York Comic-Con coverage in the comments. Sorry, no, Lee will not go dressed as Hit Girl. He’ll be sporting a stylish OTI logo t-shirt instead. Any other suggestions are welcome.

2 Comments on “Overthinking It at New York Comic-Con 2011”

  1. Eric #

    Check out the IEM Extreme Masters Starcraft 2 tournament!


  2. Gab #

    Seeing as how Wrather brought it up in the podcast, I suggest the one about comic book ateurs. And I’ll leave it at that, otherwise I’ll likely end up suggesting every panel.


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