CONTEST: 604 Republic T-Shirt Giveaway

Tweet by June 30, 2011 to win a free t-shirt from Overthinking It and

Friends of OTI and awesome t-shirt shop proprietors 604Republic contacted us last week and told us that what they wanted more than anything in the world was to give a couple T-shirts away to loyal overthinkers. We’re are more than willing to whore our pagerank out if our readers get free stuff, so naturally we said “yes”!

No joke, though, these guys make some seriously cool shirts. Here are a few designs:

Awesome, right? I like the zombie one best. Reminds me of something.

So here’s what you have to do if you want to win a free t-shirt (free-shirt?) from 604Republic…

  1. Follow @overthinkingit and @604republic on Twitter.
  2. Pick your favorite shirt, and tweet: “ I want a free shirt from @604republic and @overthinkingit! My favorite is”… and then fill in the name of your favorite.
  3. There is no 3!

Tweets must be received by Thursday (June 30) at midnight EST. We’ll pick two random winners, and their who will receive whatever t-shirt they picked (sorry, no hoodies) compliments of 604Republic.

Do we love you or what?

One Comment on “CONTEST: 604 Republic T-Shirt Giveaway”

  1. Blake #

    1) It doesn’t make much sense to have Plato debating Socrates. Whatever differences there were between them were minor.
    2) While a picture of fire could suggest many things about what “Plato” may be saying, fire would most commonly be associated with Heraclitus. Heraclitus was the first and most famous to suggest fire as the essence of all things. Hippasus followed him in this claim.
    3) I doubt that Plato would employ a “Super Paradox Combo” in the refutation of anyone. That would more properly be expected of Zeno.

    Is it too late to change the philosopher t-shirt design to make more sense?


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