The Overview: The Karate Kid

The Overview: The Karate Kid

Overthinking It provides an alternative commentary for watching The Karate Kid.

This month’s Overview comes to you from beautiful Reseda, California, a locale we have discussed in detail on the podcast. You ask why, Daniel-san? It’s because we are discussing the 1980s classic, a seminal film about martial arts, coming of age, and waxing both on and off…

The Karate Kid

It’s not like we haven’t spent a lot of time overthinking The Karate Kid already, but certain extremely well-made films reward repeated viewings, and the presence of the movie on Netflix Instant Streaming sealed the deal for us.

Assume your crane stance and download The Overview today!


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4 Comments on “The Overview: The Karate Kid”

  1. Lee OTI Staff #

    Spoiler alert: it’s actually about the Vietnam War.

    I’m not even kidding. Download and find out why!


  2. Anthony Abatte #

    As my Overview downloads and I prepare Netflix, participants should NOT make the mistake of clicking on the awful Karate Kid cartoon that I found on the streaming. You’ve been warned.


  3. Jeremy F #

    So that healing hand thing – my dad can actually do that using a sort of hypnosis, and he’s not even Asian at all! Apparently it works, but nobody knows why – and it doesn’t “cure” anything, just temporarily ameliorate pains.


  4. Shawn Pitre #

    I tried syncing this with Ghostbusters 2….and….It WORKS!

    (No, Not really)

    Once I can get my act together, I’ll be getting these, and giving them a go. I’m considering getting a viewing party for Twilight, as I have a couple of friends who have enjoyed it. Rather, enjoyed their viewing of it, rather than it itself.


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