Underthinking It: Catch-22

This was a book by an American guy.

What is this crap? They think they're cool because the numbers are tilted. Give me a break.

I have read this book and I still have no idea what a Catch-22 is, or why it is number 22. Are there 21 other catches? Are there catches that are past 22? I don’t know.

Not recommended.

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  1. Jessie James #

    And like the Yossarian dude (who’s Armenian or Asian or whatever) should go all Call of Duty up in that bitch, but all he does is talk. YAWN!


    • fenzel OTI Staff #

      Def. thought after Snowden chapter that they needed to balance-patch the body armor. One flak hit should not do that. Flak is OP.


  2. yellojkt #

    The same goes for Slaughterhouse Five. What happened to the first four? Is this like Star Wars where they tell the middle episodes but never got around to the prequels?


    • fenzel OTI Staff #

      I feel the same way about _Look Who’s Talking Too_. It doesn’t make sense for them to call it that unless there is already a movie called _Look Who’s Talking_. Maybe someday they will make a prequel.


  3. glebs #

    The 22 in Catch 22 was actually inspired by Heller’s cleaning lady, whose birthday was October 22nd. It was originally going to be Catch-18 but Heller wasn’t satisfied how it sounded.

    I used to rake leaves for said woman when I was a kid. I know it’s April Fool’s and all, but this is actually the story behind it.


  4. Steve #

    Heller decided to tell the story in nonsequential order. Don’t ask me why.

    Get past some similar idiosyncrasies, and you may find it a powerful book about the right to stand up for your own interests within large, inefficient organizations.


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