Underthinking It: An Analysis of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales

Includes an index to rape/sexy-times and farts.

General Prologue: B

Knight’s Tale: C-

Miller’s Tale: A- (*, †)

Reeve’s Tale: B (*)

Cook’s Tale: Incomplete

Man of Law’s Tale: B-

Wife of Bath’s Tale: A- (*)

Friar’s Tale: Don’t remember this one

Summoner’s Tale: A- (†)

Clerk’s Tale: D-

Merchant’s Tale: C- (*)

Squire’s Tale: Never read it

Franklin’s Tale: B+

Physician’s Tale: D

Pardoner’s Tale: A

Shipman’s Tale: B (*)

Prioress’ Tale: F

Sir Thopas: A+

Melibee: F-

Monk’s Tale: D

Nun’s Priest’s Tale: A

Second Nun’s Tale: C-

Canon’s Yeoman’s Tale: B

Maniciple’s Tale: Don’t remember this one

Parson’s Tale: D

* = sexy times and/or rape

† = farts

6 Comments on “Underthinking It: An Analysis of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales”

  1. Mark #

    Re: the Miller’s Tale: that guy totally got red-hot-poked in the a-hole! Pwned!


  2. Gab #

    What, no category for farts during sexy times and/or rape?


  3. startingfromzero #

    Knight’s Tale should totally at least get a B for starring Heath Ledger, y/n?


  4. cat #

    The ad on this page is for The Borgias. I totally want to see that even though I don’t have Showtime. It’s sure to get major asterisky stars for sexy times and/or rape. They hired Jonathan Rhys Meyers for The Tudors (which I also haven’t seen) so you know it’s going to be totally historically accurate.


    • paperclip #

      The real question is, do they fart during sexy times and/or rape?


  5. Chris #

    You know what they say, whan Zephirus eek with his sweete breath, it’s time to get freaky. Oooh yeah!


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