Episode 42: Deaths Big and Little

Stokes and Wrather discuss the After School Special episodes of Glee.

These Fucking Teenagers PodcastJordan Stokes and Matthew Wrather discuss the After School Special episodes of Glee, including the Alcohol and Sex episodes. It’s a remarkably calm, civil, clear-headed episode. I wonder what made the difference?

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5 Comments on “Episode 42: Deaths Big and Little”

  1. Matthew Wrather OTI Staff #

    In case you’re interested, we released the episode a day early on our Facebook Page. You should go “Like” it, so you can have lots of TFT stuff before the chumps on iTunes get it.


  2. Pasteur #

    I often listen to the podcasts while working to stay awake. The opening this week seemed so pleasant… and then I fell asleep. This is a very strange thing to wake up to.


  3. Brian #

    I also like the fallacy’s you guys point out and coin and hopefully a tvtropes style compilation can be culled sometime. But I have a question about the latest fallacy, “the fallacy of the asshole in the closet” where a person is an asshole because they repress their gay sexuality and an asshole only because of that; is there a variation that is broadened to any sex act, like when someone says “that person really needed to get laid” when they talk about a spree shooter, it’s kinda what Taxi Driver is hinged on?


  4. Charlie X #

    Personally I don’t think that the non-orientated sexuality is disproved by Santana. In most of the popular culture, there’s a state of having “The One” and everyone’s got one person who is their inevitable partner. It causes a ton of ‘shipping’ and only really gets stopped when a character dies (such as Marissa from The OC, then making a new ‘One’ have to be created). With the concept of “The One”, then you have to have only one orientation so while a bit of experimentation is possible, everyone has to make a choice and stick with it. This puts an effective ‘death clock’ on the non-orientated sexuality rather than subscribe to the idea that maybe someone is hot for both genders and maybe The One is just The One For Now.


  5. Rob #

    Re: Stokes’s parting question, the closest I can think of is “Pink Triangle” by Weezer, but it doesn’t quite work because they’re never really together in the first place.


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